Welcome to Horse Healing Adventures! Horses have been a part of mankind’s story since before recorded history, and learning to understand and ride these magnificent animals is an experience unlike any other. Here at Horse Healing Adventures, we are dedicated to sharing our love of these incredible creatures and helping you grow to love them as well.

Many people have either never had the chance to experience the awe and beauty of a close encounter with them, or have had unfortunate previous experiences. At Horse Healing Adventures, we guarantee an experience unlike any other you’ve ever had with horses and hope that by the time you’ve finished your lessons with us, horses will become a part of your life.

Part of the unique experience we give you starts with our location. We are not a huge farm or stable but live and work around the Santa Mountains right near Malibu Highway and Las Virgins Road in Calabasas. In addition, there are many trails for all levels of riding. A dirt path runs along the street if you wish you can ride your horse through the entire neighborhood. In addition to that, a very large arena is across the street including a jumping arena and a race track so that you can exercise and practice with your horse under more controlled conditions. Finally, this is a show barn and you can participate in different shows for your ability. A hundred yards through the gates and the modern world falls away, and you find yourself riding through forests, canyons, and streams, very much as our ancestors did in the past.

Another unique part of our experience is our horses. Our three horses are no ordinary horses, but world-class Warmblood horses. Larger than ordinary horses, these gentle giants are legendary in their abilities and are the preferred breeds used in countless jumping and dressage competitions for their stamina and precision maneuverability.

Our main teaching horse is “Dutchess,” a Premium Holsteiner broodmare who came from Germany and bore five children who all went on to become champions before she came to us. Since that time, she’s had two additional children, “Kitty,” our nine-year-old filly, and “Louie,” her eight-year-old brother, who is now in Colorado showing in Dressage. Both horses’ father was the legendary Belgium Warmblood Mexican Olympic champion “Asi De Oro,” were born in our barn, and have been hand-raised by us since that day. Unlike other horses who can be standoffish and uncertain about people, Kitty and Louie love being around people. Both were given gold medals for their physical beauty at their official registrations by the Belgium Warmblood Association, and Louie was additionally recognized as the third-best colt in America for his age group. Quite a feather in our cap for our little outfit.

We also rescue horses and our latest is Duke, a standardbred pacer who never lost a race.

Call us to book an adventure at 818-321-2543

FARM LOCATION CALABASAS near King Gillet Ranch-Santa Mountain Range-2200 Stokes Canyon Road


  1. Re this site: Nicely done.

    Even if you don’t want to affiliate w/ Cimmaron, I still recommend calling to consult on occasion.


    • I did friend them, when I see Elle on Tuesday I will talk to her about it. Glad you like it I still have more to do

    • Thank you for the question. Yes, there is a limit of 235 pounds. I also want the person to be safe and if the person weights a lot, then there is an issue of balance. Thank you for checking.

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